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Image Award, Nominee | NAACP Podcast Awards     

Best Podcast, Series Ficton| New Zealand Webfest     

Best Dramatic Podcast, Nominated | Audio Verse Awards    

Excellence In Directing Award | Kennedy Center American    

College Theatre Festival    


Acclaim Award | The Cincinnati Enquirer   


"The Best Podcasts of 2022... Small Victories is a gem of a show... a roller coaster of a good time."


“[It Pours Out] has undeniable and goofy charm, which can be attributed to director Nathan Gabriel…”

—The Cincinnati Enquirer

"Small Victories is a new fiction podcast I can't stop thinking about... tastefully funny and deeply human."

—Tink Media    

“And on a much later day, God chose a play. And it was good… Concise, intelligent and possessed of a biting wit, the show moves at a rapid pace, and is delightfully (or disturbingly, depending on your sense of humor) provocative.”

— CityBeat review of godsplay    

Nathan Gabriel was co-creator and tour director    


"In this excellently balanced strongly played production of A View From The Bridge we are... revitalized by this so familiar story, which is no easy task… an elegantly crafted, well paced production.” 

—StagedAndReal Philadelphia    

“What a fun show… if you don’t find the humor in their signature song, ‘Eat Your F*ing Cornflakes,’ better check your pulse…I recommend it for a hearty laugh.”

— Dayton Daily News review of Angry Housewives    


The best comedy comes from dark places, and Kremlin Komedy mines that darkness well. Gabriel and company never shy away from the dark, so their show about the hell of life is, seriously, funny as hell.”


“Director Nathan Gabriel has staged [Star Spangled Girl] as an upbeat, frenetic comedy... It is a lovely night out at the theatre."



“What’s impressive about Kaleidoscope is its restraint. Gabriel wisely chooses to hold back from unnecessary theatrics and bold, overstated gestures. His touches are small, quiet and powerful... The adaptation is smart – just the beginning of a slew of smart choices made by Gabriel across the production... Gabriel has found a way to make the play’s aural landscape as evocative as its visual one...the whole enterprise is impressive.”


“New Edgecliff Theatre, which spent much of last season in the doldrums, is looking good after a change in artistic leadership… New Edgecliff looks like a gotta-watch company in the new year.”

— The Cincinnati Enquirer     

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